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Music Therapy

What is Guided Imagery and Music Psychotherapy (GIM)?

GIM is one modality used in the field of Music Therapy. GIM is a gentle yet transformational therapy which has four distinct stages 1) Pre- talk (discuss current issue and overall big picture) 2) Induction (relaxation for the body) 3) Music and imaging (used to deepen and and work through underlying issues. 4) Post talk and integration into daily life which may include an expressive therapy to ground the experience and or for further exploration.

**Guided Imagery and Music Psychotherapy may be adapted for use in a group setting and adapted  depending on your needs.

GIM was developed by Dr. Helen Bonny in the 70s while working with the father of transformational psychology Stan Grof at the Maryland Psychiatric Hospital. The roots are Jungian and have transpersonal approaches. Carl Jung called images “Living Truth” and believed that images give a face to emotions and tend to personalize them. Unprocessed imagery (events, memories, feelings, trapped emotions) left in the unconscious can lead to emotional and physical difficulties. The more one is able to bring images to consciousness the more healing occurs. 

How GIM Works: 

The method uses specifically sequenced music programs, experienced in a relaxed state, to stimulate and sustain a dynamic unfolding of inner experiences, through images, feelings, senses, thoughts or memories elicited by the music. The music interacts with the mind and the imagery evoked may vary from multi- layered images to unprocessed sensory, body, and memories. These images play an important part of the healing process within GIM, developing a spontaneous and playful way with the music, which is drawn from the western classical tradition. The traveler spontaneously describes experiences with the music while the guide supports, encourages and helps to deepen the experience. Images integrate autobiographical, emotional, archetypal, and transpersonal processes of the mind. 

What You Can Expect: 

Michele provides one to one individual in-person sessions, also popular are her secure online sessions available to people worldwide. She is available for a no-cost 20 to 30 minute consultation to answer any of your questions.

Michele is known for her ability to hold space in a warm and supportive way enabling you to feel comfortable and safe. Initially, she will ask you about your present situation and background information, including short-term and long-term intentions which will guide your work together. Michele will encourage you to provide feedback about your progress and will continue to adjust when needed.

Sessions are 1.5 hours and payment is 150.00. Payments accepted are: cash, check, PayPal or e-transfer.


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